Accountable Care Organization

What is an Accountable Care Organization?

An Accountable Care Organization is a partnership between physicians and hospitals to provide medical and wellness services to a defined population of Medicare and/or Medicaid and/or underinsured patients. As a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services physician led and governed organization, the Board is usually made up of a majority of physicians.

The Houston County Health Care Authority and the community physicians want to optimize their ability to be successful with current and future value-based reimbursement. Our focus is the Triple Aim of value based healthcare: to improve quality outcomes, improve the patient experience, while also reducing the overall per capita cost of healthcare. An ACO can bring resources to its physician members to help them individually and collectively be successful with quality based patient services.

Statera Health, LLC was established on February 26, 2015 by a group of physicians, Southeast Health Medical Center, and the Houston County Health Care Authority for the purpose of integrating medical professionals to work together to coordinate patient-centered, high quality, and efficient care while revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare in the Wiregrass region by creating a sustainable model that is responsive to the new era of value-based reimbursement under the Medicare Shared Savings – Pathways To Success Program.

Statera Health, LLC is dedicated to the overall improvement of its beneficiaries and will continue to evolve with the market as conditions change and meet the demands of its constituents with the appropriate care. Statera Health, LLC is a network of healthcare providers including a combination of more than 300 physicians and advanced nurse practitioners, and these participants are accompanied by a Supplier/Provider, Southeast Health Medical Center which has a service area consisting of a 75 mile radius spanning throughout southeast Alabama and the Florida panhandle. Statera Health, LLC is comprised of a governing body with a well-organized committee structure who maintains a fiduciary responsibility and is accountable for the oversight and strategic direction of the ACO. In addition to the board, Statera Health, LLC has an engaged staff that manages the day-to-day operations of the ACO and enables the organization to continuously carry out its mission of delivering coordinated, high quality, and cost effective healthcare to its patients.

Serving as a Provider to the ACO, Southeast Health Medical Center, is currently affiliated with the CMS Mandatory Comprehensive Joint Replacement (“CJR”) Program which has enabled the Provider to gain much needed experience in episodic payment management, care coordination, care transition, quality improvement, and beneficiary engagement. These findings and evidence-based practices garnered from the CJR Program will be utilized in the ACO setting and disseminated to all ACO Participants. Through the efforts and coordination of care, the Provider has been able to reduce overall utilization and Medicare spend in the CJR program. In the most recent finalized Performance Year, they were able to reduce expenditures and surpass their target spend by 7% for this patient population. In addition to the CJR program, Statera Health, LLC has achieved significant health plan savings for their health plan partners consisting of over 4,200 plan members, and has improved the quality of life for the employees and members of the health plan partners.

The mission of Statera Health, LLC is: “To improve the health of the communities we serve by striving to achieve the Triple Aim of improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); Improving the health of the population; and Reducing the per capita cost of health care through the collaboration of our physician and hospital members.”

  • Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group, PC
  • Dothan Medical Associates, PC
  • Paul H Chan, MD, PC
  • ENT South, PC
  • Fairview Clinic, PC
  • Niel C. Rasmussen, MD, PC
  • Hearts South, PC
  • Premier Cardiology Consultants, Inc.
  • Pulmonary Associates, PA
  • Wiregrass Radiation Oncology, PC
  • Southeast Cardiology Clinic, Inc.
  • Houston County Health Care Authority
  • Southern Bone & Joint Specialists, PC
  • Southern Cardiovascular Care, PC
  • Southern Clinic, PC
  • Women’s Medical Center, PC

No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals. All ACO Participants are a network of individual practices of ACO professionals.

View photos of our board members.

Name Member’s Voting Power Membership Type Participant TIN Legal Name
Donovan Wewers, MD 10% Participant Dothan Medical Associates, PC
Darius Aliabadi, MD Non-Voting Member Community Stakeholder N/A
Juanita Heersink, MD 10% Participant Houston County Health Care Authority
James Robeson Jr., MD 10% Participant Fairview Clinic, PC
Ravi Nallamothu, MD 10% Community Stakeholder N/A
George Narby, MD 10% Participant Houston County Health Care Authority
Derek Miller 10% Participant Houston County Health Care Authority
Rick Sutton 10% Participant Houston County Health Care Authority
Bob Theune 10% Participant Houston County Health Care Authority
Bruce Wozow, DVM 10% Participant Houston County Health Care Authority
Rudy Heintzelman 10% Medicare Beneficiary N/A

Our Board consists of 50% Physicians and 50% Administrators. Within the 50% Physician Participants – 25% are Primary Care and 25% are Specialists. Within the 50% Administrator Participants – 25% are from the Health System and 25% are from the Healthcare Authority.

Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership:

  • Donovan Wewers, MD | Chairman, ACO Board of Managers
  • James Robeson Jr., MD | Chairman, ACO Quality Committee

ACO Administrative Leadership:

  • Chris Detter | ACO Executive
  • Walter Young, MD | Medical Director
  • Jayne Sikes | Quality Assurance
  • Lydia Miller | Compliance Officer

Network of individual practices of ACO professionals.

  • No Shared Savings and Losses to Report.
  • All Performance Results will be completed and published after the conclusion of the
    performance year.
  • Our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.
  • 2021 ACO Unembargoed Results

Statera Health, LLC
1922 Fairview Avenue
Dothan, AL 36301

ACO Primary Contact:
Chris Detter
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