Services & Solutions

As required by the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice, Southeast Health Statera Network is led by physicians who are committed to collaborating together to produce high quality, patient-centered health care services in Houston County, Alabama. Our network of leading physicians, health care professionals, and hospitals was created by the Houston County Healthcare Authority. Our physicians manage chronic and acute patient conditions, and they organize the health care delivery in our community to be more efficient, effective and less costly.

Statera Network is an FTC/DOJ model that allows physicians, employers and health systems to benefit from their combined insights and patient care solutions. Our approximately 300 providers work collaboratively together to ensure a strong, healthy future for families in Houston County, while reducing employer health plan costs, and sharing the savings among our physician members. We empower our participating hospitals and physicians to structure financial incentives to collaborate in ways that improve the health of their employees, patients, and the overall community. Our network is built on a collaborative, shared savings structure that rewards providers for better quality of care, and more efficient cost for our employer and payor partners.

Within our collaborative model, physicians receive support and financial incentives to transition to value-based reimbursement and clinical care agreements. We use evidence-based quality standards: By participating in the network, physicians can be a part of quality programs in collaboration with the leading medical center in our community.

Remember, when you join Statera Network, you will still remain as an independent practice.