Employer Health Plan Solutions

Southeast Health Statera Network is a collaboration of physicians who provide great health care and are committed to keeping you’re your health plan costs down.

Everyone knows that health care costs are increasing at an alarming rate. To keep your employee health care costs down over the long term, you need more than just affordable health care coverage. You need a physician group partner that also gives your employees convenient access to personalized, high-quality care that helps them stay healthy, while reducing your employer health plan costs.

Our physician network is at the forefront of providing quality health care to your employees, while providing the incentives, structure, and knowledge that can offer significant, sustainable cost control to you the employer. We offer you access to high quality hospitals and physicians who are driven to support the long-term health of your employees and health plan members. And we do this while providing the employer with significant, sustainable cost savings.

We’ve assembled the right physician partners for you, working together in collaboration to provide broad, high-value health care. Through our Data Analytics Computer System, doctors and hospitals can share patient data seamlessly and securely. That allows our physicians and other providers to have a more comprehensive view of your employees’ health, enabling accurate diagnoses and reducing wasteful medical spending. Our physicians and hospitals are rewarded, in part, for keeping your employees healthy, rather than simply billing for services. We offer clinical support services such as care management personnel, integrated into the physician-led care team to ensure members stay as healthy as possible.

We are currently partnering with the health plan of Southeast Health. This Health Plan is comprised of over 4,200 plan members, and we are in the process of securing additional employer health plan partners throughout Southeast Alabama.