Health Date Exchange Software

Health Data Exchange Software is used as a business intelligence tool to securely share patient health information electronically across a large network of interdependent clinicians. It’s a central source of patient information and records that contain comprehensive community-wide medical records.

The main goal of a Health Data Exchange software is to assist in providing high quality, cost-effective patient care using information that is shared among our physician members in a seamless, secure, and efficient way. This Health Data Exchange is complementary to the physician practice electronic medical record system. It provides combined data from multiple sources that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

Southeast Health Statera Network is in the process of implementing a Health Data Exchange software. Some refer to this software as a Health Information Exchange (HIE). This software platform is the information technology platform that enables our physicians, nurses and health systems to securely share data for purposes of patient care delivery and coordination.

The hospital, physician clinics and members, and employers will all access the Health Data Exchange software through a “shared services” model, where the software provider will house the server on its mainframe and at its off-site location. All parties will use a web browser to access the necessary clinical documents from medical record systems that contribute the clinical data and claims data. The documents and reports that are available through this data exchange are used by our physician members, and the health system case management department, care coordinators, clinical support staff working in ambulatory settings, hospitalists and emergency department physicians admitting patients, and patient navigators who are managing care transitions.

Health systems contribute data to this data exchange software so that hospital discharge notes and other information may be included and used in the post-discharge care coordination efforts.

Patients generally receive care in a wide range of settings with different systems for diagnosis, treatment, documentation and more. Without this software platform, providers lack a full view of their patients’ medical problems, and tests already performed, medications, and also their current treatment plans. So the Health Data Exchange software makes this coordination of data possible by integrating diverse data sources into a single, database warehouse.

The benefits to patients – They receive coordinated care from providers who are better informed about their medical history and needs. They pay less out-of-pocket costs for duplicated or inefficient services. They endure less hassle in transferring records between providers

The benefits to physicians, and other providers – They benefit from more complete medical records for patients, enabling sound decision making by our providers. They can more easily share data for purposes of treatment and care coordination.

Regarding security and protected health information – Data sharing in our Health Data Exchange only happens in accordance with federal compliance policies, regulations and laws governing patient privacy and data protection. Statera Network maintains a comprehensive structure of safeguards, including policies to ensure that access, transmission, and use within the software is safe and secure.