Brokers & Third Party Administrator Solutions

You need to know that your employer clients will be taken care of, with easy access to the plan’s benefits, smooth claims processing, and effective customer service. We are offering to collaborate with you and your employer clients to manage the cost and services of the small employer health plan by implementing a suite of customizable clinical services, allowing you and your employer clients to design the solution that meets their quality and cost needs.

Your employer’s health plan may be customized to include Statera Physicians, and involve the following clinical service elements:

  • A best in class network of physicians that gives employees access to their preferred doctors and specialists.
  • Providing 24 hour convenient care through urgent care clinics.
  • Patient care decisions are provided by Statera Physician Members who know what their patients need to improve their health and stay healthy and engaged at work.
  • Best in class Care Coordination that goes beyond phone calls from nurses to patients, and transcends the ambulatory, acute care, and post-acute care settings across the entire episode of care.

The Statera Health Physician Network optimizes your employer benefit plans by combining access to the medical center, and access to high providers, with the coordinated structure and incentives to deliver sustained cost control for your various employer clients.

We’ve brought the right hospital and physician partners together to provide the most efficient, high-value health care in our community. This high-quality and high value patient care includes the following linchpin components:

  • Health Data Exchange: By utilizing our software technology platform, our physicians, nurses, and medical center partners can share patient data seamlessly and securely. That allows all of our collaborative healthcare partners to have a more comprehensive view of the employees’ health, enabling higher quality of care, while reducing wasteful medical spending.
  • Financial Shared Savings Incentives: Our physician and hospital members are rewarded when they improve the health of their patients and members, while accomplishing the “Triple Aim” of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement ( improving access, and the patient experience and cost efficiency of patient care).

So, our physicians and hospitals are rewarded for keeping your employees healthy, rather than for billing unnecessary services. This then results in health plan cost savings that you can then pass on as reduced premiums to your employer clients. This of course will make you and your employer more competitive in the market.